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Is the US attempting to suppress Chinese tech companies?

Could the US be attempting to suppress Chinese tech companies? Well that’s the accusation that was thrown by a spokesperson for the Chinese government recently, and comes after US prosecutors were said to be investigating allegations that Huawei stole trade secrets from US businesses.

Running a successful IoT project

Having just come back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Big Data loomed large it was interesting to see a piece written by Libelium, the Internet of Things and M2M platform provider, detailing with how to invest in IoT technology.

Apple angst

Last week saw a rare event – Apple announced that it was cutting its quarterly sales forecast with the company’s Chief Executive Tim Cook, in a letter to investors, saying that sales of the iPhone in China were slowing.

Escalating tensions

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou, a top executive at Huawei Technologies and the daughter of the company’s founder, has not only surprised the global business community but has added a new dimension to ongoing concerns that we may see an escalation in the ‘trade war’ between China and the US. A recently negotiated 90-day tariff truce between the two could now also be in peril.

Predictions for 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, engineers at electronics design consultancy ByteSnap Design have been wondering what the year ahead holds for the embedded systems industry.

Technology pioneers

Last week saw a ‘solid state’ plane, with no moving parts in its propulsion system, undertake a successful test flight.

British blockchain industry

Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency, has real potential to disrupt industries and the UK has a chance to regain leadership in this market, according to a new report.

Right here, right now

The smart home space has promised to transform the way we live and is seen as a serious business opportunity for technology companies. But while there are a host of devices, from voice assistants to smart appliances, it’s still a market that is yet to really cross the starting line.

UK technology sector continues to attract talent

While manufacturers have been lining up of late to warn of the consequences of Brexit, Terry Sargeant, the chairman and CEO of ThyssenKrupp in the UK has called it a 'complete shambles', it appear the UK's technology sector is still attracting talent.

Foldable phones

Samsung’s folding handset, the Infinity Flex Display, is being described by the company as "the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow.”

Budget 2019 – A missed opportunity

Reaction to the Government’s Budget proposals have been mixed. While the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, unveiled a raft of limited proposals to support UK technology many believe that a lack of clarity around Brexit and the prospect of the UK leaving the EU in a disorderly fashion could mean all the Government’s ‘good intentions’ come to nought.

Batterygate Part 2 – ‘Planned obsolescence’

Last week Apple and Samsung were fined for building ‘planned obsolescence’ into their smartphones by the Italian competition authority, after it found that certain smartphone software updates had a negative effect on the performance of devices.

Optimism abounds at Qualcomm 4G/5G summit

Qualcomm's 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong this week, suggested that it and the many companies investing in, and developing the technology to support, 5G are increasingly optimistic that next year will see the commercial roll out of devices.

Semiconductor boom

Compared to an ailing steel industry, just a few years ago, the semiconductor industry is now enjoying booming conditions.

Sophisticated cyber criminality

After a week in which the UK government directly accused Russian military intelligence of being behind a spate of what is described as “reckless and indiscriminate cyber-attacks”, comes news of a far more subtle cybercrime.

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