The future for titanium airframe parts


After three years of research into how to save material and reduce machining costs when producing titanium airframe parts, Steed Webzell heard about a project’s successful outcome and of a bright future for linear ...

Just because you can....


You knew that CADCAM had taken off in the ‘80s within automotive companies because cars that had once been angular gradually gave way to a new generation of more and more curvy models. They remain so today, although the ...

EMO 2017 - Industry 4.0 gains momentum


This year’s edition of biennial show EMO returns to Europe’s manufacturing technology heartland, Germany, with the six-day event kicking off on 18 September at its usual home, the Hanover show ground. Andrew Allcock ...

In awe of bright light - laser developments continue


For those who can remember the ‘60s – yes, I know, if you can, you weren’t there – then the abiding memory of the laser beam from that time will be that of Sean Connery as James Bond about to be cut in two by Auric ...

Trumpf reveals the full picture


The UK market and Brexit, service reorganisation, new technology developments, first-in-the-UK installations. Andrew Allcock has this update from sheet metalworking expert Trumpf

Decoding the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence message


There may be many still puzzling over the change of name in 2015 from Hexagon Metrology to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (Hexagon MI) and who still see the company as a metrology operation. At the Las Vegas event, ...

FANUC UK - House warming


FANUC UK has consolidated all its activities into a single, massive new home in Coventry. Andrew Allcock was at the official opening ceremony and has this report, including exclusive details from FANUC’s top man of ...

Solid efforts


A 2,000 m2 forming scale-up centre for industry and academia scheduled to open in August is just the latest development of a Brunel University London institute that wants to change the UK’s industrial supply chain ...

Gühring UK - geared up for growth


Ahead of its official opening on June 9, Andrew Allcock paid a visit to Gühring’s new home in Birmingham. A picture of modern manufacturing is what he found

Large titanium part casting at AMRC Castings


Following recent investment at AMRC Castings, the UK has gained a unique resource for research into the manufacture of large structural titanium castings for the aerospace sector. The realisation of a commercial ...