In the 2018 R1 release, the WorkPLAN CRM module enhances performance and accessibility with the introduction of a mobile licence solution, resulting from a collaborative partnership with mobile application specialist Swing Mobility. As a result, the CRM module has been designed to offer an efficient service for smartphones, tablets and laptops. WorkPLAN’s mobile licence is available for Apple, Android and Windows platforms, offering fast access to customer data, tracking and organising CRM actions such as appointments and tasks. Users can quickly display a summary of opportunities, quotes, orders, invoices and consolidated turnover.

As production management is not confined to the workshop, WorkPLAN 2018 R1 also introduces a packing management module, offering control over shipments and data exchange between different departments, while minimising the need for paperwork. The touch tablet allows barcode scanning, real-time data entry and the recording of packing data. With this in mind, it is now possible to make up packages, edit packing lists and/or labels showing weight, dimensions and departure date, and track the progression of each shipment, from package preparation to loading.

To optimise production equipment, the latest WorkPLAN offers fully integrated CMMS (computerised maintenance management system) functionality. The new CMMS module defines spare parts lists and document management for each machine, as well as allocating time and purchase records for unproductive tasks covered by CMMS operations, and allowing real-time tracking of preventive and corrective maintenance schedules.

In this major release, several new features and enhancements aim at improving overall workflow when managing projects. Across the board, from quotations to quality control, through design, manufacturing, technical data management, purchasing, scheduling and time management, the different software modules contain a range of new features, including: favourites management; email template management (automatic signature); dual entry management for greater accuracy during inventories; and document management directly linked to productive tasks.