Critical faces within the rotary tables are ground rather than just turned for indexing accuracy and concentricity. Engineers can also increase productivity with larger cuts and benefit from smooth braking without deformation of the table surface during braking. Detron’s patented dual piston clamping technology and a fully enclosed brake drum ring operating at high pressure makes this possible.

Jason Short from YMT Technologies says: “The GFA series of tables delivers a small footprint allowing more and larger parts to be manufactured and, the large centre bore and height of the centre line add to the flexibility of the unit. We are finding that the most popular model is the Detron GFA-210S, which is perfect for most applications. Repeatability and accuracy are important to the customer and the GFA 210S has a resolution of .001° and repeatability of 6-8 arc-seconds, thanks to its high precision cross roller bearings and, tested with 5 continuous clockwise and counter clockwise rotations, it meets ISO 230-2 standards.”

Integrated radial and axial bearings, where the spindle and bearing is one unit, add to the rigidity of the rotary table. Additionally, the dual lead worm itself uses large tooth depth resulting in a contact surface 1/3 greater than conventional worms. To ensure long service life, reliability and thermal stability, the worm is positioned at the bottom, so that it is totally immersed in oil. Short adds: “All these design features add to the quality and reliability of the Detron GFA series rotary tables and make them ideal for heavy 5-axis cutting operations.”