Visual Inspect AR enables CAD models to be accurately overlaid on to a video image of the actual part. This functionality enables a direct comparison of the component against design data, with any discrepancies recognised instantly. Deviations can be documented in the program using photo or video evidence, with an error report linked directly to the corresponding geometry. All of these functions make it possible to perform incoming goods inspections more quickly and easily than ever before. After checks have been made, the reports can be exported as a document or transferred straight to the relevant PLM or PDM systems.

The same applies for a brief inspection after machining. If features such as holes or slots have been forgotten when creating the CAM program, this can be checked against the construction data within minutes.

Visual Inspect AR also opens up possibilities in the fitting of sub-assemblies and again helps to avoid errors. Components can be identified at the site of assembly, their installation position identified and sub-assemblies checked. The creation of 2D documents for the workshop and unnecessary movements between stationary terminals can also be avoided.