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Locating and locking made easy

Where it is vital to secure tooling and base plates quickly and effectively, the right solution is a must.

New stainless steel drawer slide

To meet increasing market demands for specialised drawers slides, JetPress is now offering the new high-quality stainless steel range from Accuride ...

Stainless steel hinges clean up

WDS Component Parts has introduced a range of stainless steel lift-off hinges (or detachable hinges) for cleanroom environments where corrosion ...

Preaching to the converted

In-vehicle conversion and the aftermarket sectors adhesive tapes provide significant advantages as an alternative to mechanical fixings.

WACKER Signs Up Intertronics for silicone distribution

Munich-based chemical company WACKER and Intertronics have signed a key distribution contract.

Industrial retaining magnets keep it all together

Elesa’s industrial RMA flat disc retaining magnets and their sister RMP cylindrical series are shielded magnetic components, with high performance ...

All set! norelem is official partner of the MercedesCup 2018

The grass court season has kicked off with a bang, as one internationally successful company serves up its support this week for a top-class tennis ...

Large area benchtop dispensing robot launched

New from Intertronics is the Fisnar F4500N Dispensing Robot.

Adding a splash of colour

A change in the grading of some technical diplomas has left colleges in the UK searching for sector leaders who are willing to share their knowledge ...

Paving the way to building renovation

When it comes to building renovation, the FDB 2 multiway modular RCD/RCBO panel, from FDB Electrical, is said to be ideal for upgrade and maintenance ...

Threaded fasteners need ancillaries

Challenge Europe has found that, wherever threaded fasteners are used, then various ancillary products are often needed.

Cost-effective anti-spatter

Although good practice can reduce weld spatter, by and large it is a fact of life.

Spida extends its reach

Optimas Components, a division of Optimas, has offered increased options for end users requiring adhesive bonded fasteners, with the addition of the ...

Non-corroding anti-vibration mounts

Engineering components manufacturer WDS Component Parts has extended its range of anti-vibration and rubber stop AV mounts.

Southco expands manufacturing operations

Southco is expanding its operations footprint into Poland.

Low odour, high appeal

Techsil has introduced a new two-component high-performance structural adhesive from Panacol.

The ‘missing link’ revealed!

Extension Springs from Lee Spring provide a solution to problems of linking components in a way that absorbs and stores energy, as well as creating ...

Check mate!

PEM FHX self-clinching flush-head studs from PennEngineering feature an X-Press thread profile.

Right in the mix

The new Thinky ARM-310 Engineering Compounds Mixer from Intertronics offers an alternative to mixing by hand.

Multipoint locking delivers bespoke security levels

The need for physical security is increasing in many fields and action needs to be taken to prevent intrusion.

TR retains level 2 JOSCAR status

The Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register - JOSCAR - is used by buyers in the defence, aerospace and security sectors.

Complete Die Springs

Compression die springs from Lee Spring are said to come at a significant cost saving over many competitive items.

Socket screws and bolts form finer fastenings

Socket screws and bolts form the higher end of threaded fastening methodology in manufacturing industry today.

Standoffs show that certain flair

New microPEM MSOFS flaring standoffs from PennEngineering are said to provide ideal miniature fastener solutions to attach and/or space components in ...

Mural painter lauds tesa tapes

More than 48,000 people admire Chris Ashmore’s work on social media – and, says the artist, he would recommend tesa tapes to any one of them

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