02 July 2018
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A new market for GESIPA®

GESIPA® identified new opportunities to use its automatic blind rivet feeding unit for setting sealing plugs thus discovering new markets.

Inspired by a customer requirement GESIPA® was able to engineer an innovative solution to set sealing plugs into viscous dampers using it's automatic rivet setting unit GAV. Viscous dampers are fitted to the front end of engines to control vibrations.

GESIPA® manufactures blind fasteners and supporting tooling including automated and failsafe tools for setting blind rivets, rivet nuts and nut studs.

Arising from an enquiry, the technical team at GESIPA® identified a bespoke opportunity and decided to set some sealing plug samples using the GAV.

After the GAV proved successful in setting the sealing plugs into the application, GESIPA was confident that GAV can prove to be a time and cost saving solution to this and many other industries.

The GAV can be operated either manually or as a component in a robot-controlled system, riveting up to 40 rivets per minute depending on the type of application.

With features like speed of the machine, ease of use and ability to be easily integrated into any machine build, the GAV brings excellent time and cost savings when used in various applications. With an option to be integrated with robotic systems or setting process monitoring via the GESIPA® interface that ensures rivet is set correctly, it is one of its kinds available in the market.

Many GESIPA® companies around the world have a state-of-the-art customer demonstration centers successfully showcasing the capabilities of what GESIPA® has to offer. Customers visiting GESIPA® facilities can see automatic blind rivet feeding unit GAV and automatic rivet nut setting tool, FireRex® in situ along with the entire GESIPA® range. Tools to save time, reduce production cost and process control tools are all set up ready for viewing and demonstration in these dedicated areas.

To know more about GESIPA® and its products, visit www.gesipa.co.uk or email at info.uk@gesipa.com.


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