05 July 2018
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Advancements in materials and 'Industry 4.0' - meeting the challenge

The demand for automated blind riveting, rivet nut and nut stud setting tooling is ever increasing.

Customers are always looking for ways to save time, labour and process costs on their rivet, rivet nut or rivet nut stud processes simultaneously ensuring high quality of all joints as well as fast and economic processes.To fulfill this gap in the industry and meet industry challenges, GESIPA manufactures tools that can be operated or controlled by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices.

By using automatic rivet, rivet nut or rivet nut stud tooling not only do the OEM’s have the ability to set fasteners in around 1.25 seconds both when manually operated or used in conjunction with robotic control. When used in conjunction with robotic control, human intervention is decreased to a minimum thus increasing process time and productivity. By using GESIPA’s GAV, automatic riveting and FireRex automatic rivet nut setting unit robots the handling of the tool and application is taken away from the operator which can create reduced labour costs in that process, labour that can be used more efficiently elsewhere within a company.

Maximum productivity can be ensured keeping absolute minimum downtime when features like low maintenance, simple fault diagnostic and built in maintenance are added to these tools.

Full failsafe applications can also be achieved with automated tools by use of process control feature; customers have peace of mind knowing that every fastener is set correctly. By using this process control software rejects are kept to a minimum and expensive recalls are eliminated.GESIPA’sprocess control tooling for setting blind rivets , rivet nuts and rivet nut studs is now advanced with new three-window measuring technology that helps operators monitor the setting process at three evaluation windows. GESIPA® TAURUS C and FireFox C WinTech, the pneumatic hydraulic blind riveting, rivet nut and nut stud setting tools, help operators monitor the setting process on production lines. This gives the operator the confidence to not having to visually check every blind rivet or rivet nut set.

By using new three-window measuring technology, the user can define three evaluation windows by means of special software.

With benefits of reduced time along with labour costs, processes can be speeded up giving users considerable cost saving benefits in the long term.

The automatic blind rivet setting unit by GESIPA; GAV and automatic blind rivet nut or nut stud setting unit; FireRex can be flexibly tailored to the specific production requirements of individual customers.

Using TAURUS C and FireFoxC as a setting tool provides users high process safety, documentation of each individual setting process, less scrap as errors can be immediately identified, an option to implement into the customers own PLC system using alongside the GESIPA interface and finally taking the onus away from the operator.

From being used to set blind rivets in a simple application like mop handles in the home appliances industry to more complex applications like setting sealing plugs in engine dampers or to rivet an illumination panel to a foot step, these automated blind rivet, rivet nuts and rivet nut studs setting tools play a major role in the advancement of manufacturing industry.


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